Maxillofacial surgery involves the following practices: extraction of the impacted tooth or tooth root, extraction of the impacted wisdom tooth; abscess formation in gingiva and bone tooth roots which affects tooth roots or originates from soft tissue; removal of cysts and tumors; detection and treatment of jaw fractures; the placement of implants installed in jaw bones; pain in temporomandibular joint and muscle; application of neuralgia treatment, application of resection surgery aiming at recovery of the tooth failed in root canal therapies; cystic tumors related to the mouth and teeth; fractures of teeth and jaws; removal of the impacted teeth in the mandibular jaws; orofacial pain; diseases of lower jaw joint; salivary gland disorders; detection and treatment of symptoms of some systematic diseases in the mouth; designation of the jaw and face esthetics required for completing orthodontics treatment at later ages; and operations performed via orthodontics. It also includes application of the advanced implant surgery such as installation of the implants into the jaw; installation of bone grafts in case of bone deficiency for implant placement.
Surgical interventions related to the mouth, tooth, jaw diseases are performed under not only local anesthesia but also general anesthesia.