Ortodonti (Tel Tedavisi)


Orthodontics is a field that the treats dental crowding, spaced teeth and malocclusions caused by jaw mismatch, Orthodontics deals with not only teeth alignment but also development and orthodopedics of the jaw and facial area.

At Orthodontics Clinics of Istanbul Aydın University Dentaydın Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, all kinds of orthodontic applications such as varios fixed and removable appliances, brackets implemented on the outer surface of teeth or behind them (lingual orthodontics), aesthetics brackets and unnoticeable transparent aligners (Invisalign system), and aslı accelerated osteogenic orthodontics, periodontally accelerated orthodontics in colloquial language are peformed.

For severe skeletal disorders, orthognathic treatments planned by orthognatic surgery are applied. Also, treatments of infants and adults with cleft lip and cleft palate and treatments of temporomandibular joint disorders are performed.

Transparent Aligner Systems

Transparent aligner system (invisilign, ecligner, clear aligner) is a treatment method that is more different than elastic ones an metal or porcelain brackets. With this treatment, dental crowding can be fixed via ınnoticeable devices in a much shorter time. Surface of the device is highly bright and does not cause aesthetics concerns.

What is trasparent Aligner System Treatment method?

Transparent Aligner Systems (Invisalign, Eclinger, Clear Aligner) is a comprehesive and guaranteed treatment method.  It’s efefct has been proven and confirmed in many cases. For example, it can fixed inclined and crowded teeth effectively and practically. With this system, the teeth are shifted to the desired position close to the ideal position by using a slight pressure by means of a mobile plastic material effectively, properly and quickly. Treatment is performed step by step with almost unnoticeable transparent aligners by forming the treatment stages. The aligners consist of set-ups categorized as soft, medium and hard. The patients tooth size is measured and transparent aligners (correctors) to enable the teeth movement are prepared accordingly  via three-dimensional computerized systems. Teeth appearence regarding proper sequense positions is presented to the patient on a virtual platform at the beginning of treatment. Treatment should be performed by Orthodontics specialists and 3 different appliances with various layer thicknesses are placed at each treatment stage at intervals of 10 days thanks to the program technique planning the process.