Misyon ve Vizyon



Our mission is to raise dentists who have internalized universal and ethical values and used knowledge, and produced new knowledge and spread, contributed development of society thanks to searching, critical and analyzing mentality and prepared herself or himself lifelong education in conditions where competion and knowledge is very high. Moreover, our another mission is to give particular importance patient satisfaction, rights and quality and offer genial society the best service by holding hygienic measures at top level in all fields of dentistry with contemporary methods towards early diagnosis and threatment.

Providing the continuation of colleagues’ activities happily and self-confidently is also very important for us.


As a healthcare organization giving qualified sevice with advanced technology for mouth and teeth health of the society our vision; is to take part in faculties of dentistry which are known at the national and international level.

Patient and Personnel rights respect
Scientific Principles Base
Aims Patient Treatment in high quality standards
All the Activities make transparent
Participant, Tolerant, engage in innovator management
Engage in people oriented service
Be sensitive to the environment
Ethical and legal follow the rules
Quality Policy
Oral and dental Health quality standards
Istanbul Aydın University Dental Hospital and all the stakeholders ensure patient safety, services and continuing education development in the fields of Ministry of Health and other defined the national and international entire process of assimilating are in quality standards.