Dişeti Tedavileri



At Periodontology Clinics of Istanbul Aydın University Dentaydın Faculty of Dentistry Hospital operations such us scaling, periodontal therapy (curettage), gum contouring, flap surgery, tooth lengthening, gingival recessions healing, malodor elimination, smile design, periodontal therapy by laser and PRF and gum coloring are perfdormed.


Periodontology is a dentistry branch which cares for the diseases and treatments of the soft and hard tissues which are surrounding and holding the teeth. Periodontology is working for the regaining the gums which have been lost because of different reasons with various operations.

During the early phases of the gum diseases, they can be healed with a simple cleaning operation which will be executed by a dentist. The untreated and far gone gum diseases can threaten not only the teeth and gums, but also the bones which are supporting the teeth. The gums which have not been treated in early phases and acute cases could necessitate the surgical treatments.