Dekanın Mesajı


Besides intensive clinic, administrative and training activities, the committee which was established to prepare the strategic plan of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Dentistry 2015-2020, has put forward the results of this significant study that is planning our future by working devotedly and that will direct us.

This strategic plan which has been the harvest of common sense involves 2015-2020 term and guides us in terms of education, scientific research and health services that are very important for us. I surely believe that all my faculty colleagues will do their best in order to reach the determined targets in the each three field that I have mentioned above. While taking firm steps forward and forging ahead determined targets all together, it will make us happy that our institution turns into a institution which makes an indelible impression on each field.

I owe all my colleagues who have contributed to this study a debt of gratitude.


Prof. Dr. Ali ZAİMOĞLU
The Dean of Faculty of Dentistry of Istanbul Aydın University